Skyline’s twist on the “Three R’s” lays the foundation for an innovative learning community

At Skyline, students are creators, not consumers of their learning. The principles of Self-Determination (Competence, Autonomy, Relatedness) serve as the foundation of our community. These ideals led us to a less clunky and, we think, more fun three-word philosophy: Rigorous, Relevant, and Radical (Skyline’s twist on the traditional “Three R’s”).


Competence is achieved through regular, deliberate practice of academic and social skills. We know that people thrive when faced with challenges.

Our students will be presented with real-world problems and using the principles of design thinking, they will complete projects that integrate multiple subjects. This work will culminate with Intersessions, a one-week deep dive into a project that will get students out into our broader community. Students will publicly display and defend their work from these experiences. True rigor requires a true product.


Our learning is meaningful when it has clear purpose. Through more personalized learning and blended learning options, students at Skyline will better realize autonomy.

We will offer more flexible scheduling and we will encourage students to follow their own curiosity when creating projects. The integration of subjects and work on real-world problems also brings relevance to an educational system that is sometimes compartmentalized and isolated. Our partnerships with local industry will bring learning to life.

“As a nation [we] must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society.” —Dr. Martin Luther King


Our definition of radical comes from the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Innovation begins with community and community is the heart of Skyline. Through programs like our advisory and service learning opportunities, we intentionally practice non-cognitive skills.

Our staff was chosen both for their expertise in academic subjects, and their strong belief in building character as essential to deeper learning. Our exponential growth in technology makes King’s “Radical Revolution of Values” even more relevant today. 

We know that high school students are eager to move past the passive into action. At Skyline, they’re not just studying algebra, they’re using it. They’re not just reading history, they’re making it.

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