Matt Fox, Teacher

Graphic Arts and Photography

Growing up in New England, Matt had a passion for the outdoors; that passion led him west where he went to college in Missoula, Montana and eventually to Lewis and Clark College in Portland where he lived and taught before moving to Bend where he now lives with his wife and two kids. Matt has taught English, ESOL, and all sorts of Media Arts (Web Design, Graphics, Photography, Journalism, and Video Arts). He is passionate about hands-on learning and being a facilitator of learning.

Favorite quote: I read this quote recently and thought it was great: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” —Suzy Kassem

Favorite book: Walden (Henry David Thoreau) was a book that was very powerful for me when I was in high school and during a formative time. Lately, I have really enjoyed going back to some Vonnegut. 

Most fun job other than teaching: My wife and I led trips in Africa and Asia where we took high school kids and traveled, lived, and volunteered; it played a powerful role in my educational philosophy. I also love coaching and working with Bend Endurance Academy and sharing my passion for bikes. 

Why do you teach?: I had some amazing teachers that made learning powerful and fun and I wanted to do the same. I am inspired by my students and they give me hope for our shared future. 

How will you help make Skyline a fun place to learn?: I will empower my students to share their passions and bring out their creativity. 

Hobbies: Skiing, surfing, climbing, racing and riding bikes, and getting into the outdoors with my family.