If you belong to a local industry, you can make learning relevant for kids in your community. Become an Industry Partner with Skyline and transform education. Here’s how:

Pose a Problem

Come to us with a real-world problem, and we’ll challenge our students to solve it. We’ll guide students through a design thinking process to offer up viable solutions for your business.

Share your Story

Share your professional passion or industry insights as a guest presenter. Come to our Industry and Impact class. Give two hours of your Wednesday morning and students will come away with a better understanding of real-world problems, possibilities and opportunities in our community.

Host an internship

Get young people engaged in your industry. Offering a special educational experience and turn your company into their classroom.


Does your company create or offer something cool? Your donations of product, materials, or company swag can help support learning at Skyline. You can also make a cash donation to directly support intersessions and other radical Skyline programs.


Show your support for our radical brand of education—and our amazing students! Come to a Student Showcase and see how kids are combining deep learning with real-world experiences.

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Let’s talk!

Contact Skyline Principal Mike Franklin.