Principal Mike Franklin

At Skyline, we believe that public education is the most effective means to make positive social change. And although we also believe that the fundamental elements of our intrinsic motivation have not changed, we know that the world in which our kids are growing is changing radically.

Rewiring Society

In an interview with Thomas Friedman, Astro Teller (the CEO and “Captain of Moonshots” at Google’s X research and development lab), describes the exponential curve of technological growth known as Moore’s Law. Teller observes that “our societal structures are failing to keep pace with the rate of change,” and the
only adequate response is to increase society’s ability to adapt. Says Teller, “We can acknowledge that humanity has a new challenge: we must rewire our societal tools and institutions so that they will enable us to keep pace.”

Designing Adaptability

Our schools are society’s most powerful institution, and the leadership of Bend-La Pine Schools—including that of Superintendent Shay Mikalson and our School Board—recognized this need for adaptability. They asked for the creation of new high school choice options. To be innovative, these new options would be small and charged with developing new structures, systems and curriculum. Skyline was born.

Sparking Enthusiasm

Almost immediately, an enthusiastic response proved that the vision of our leadership was warranted. The two groups most enthusiastic about the creation of Skyline were industry leaders in Bend and parents.

Industry partners will be a significant part of the Skyline community, both as mentors and to provide real-world challenges and feedback for our students.

Our parents, of course, are the most vested. And even before the previous school year was completed, a dedicated group of parents came forward to establish the Skyline Foundation—a non-profit organization dedicated to developing community partnerships and finding ways to support dynamic programs and experiences for our students.

Our community will provide the environment needed to make our students feel supported–conditions necessary for them to take academic risks and challenge themselves to develop their creative confidence and adapt to this radical world that we all share.

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